I met Liz working at a nightclub in Whistler, Canada, and she quickly became one of my favourite people! She is one of the nicest and friendliest people you will ever meet – she is also one of the coolest people you will ever meet. She’s always up for an adventure and she is just super fun to be around…she also has an incredibly inspirational Instagram feed, to make anyone want to get out traveling!

Where are you from? Australia

Where have you been? Indonesia, USA, Thailand, Canada, Greece, Croatia, Germany, Italy, Belgium, France, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Australia

Why did you start travelling? Because I was curious and wanted to see things!

How has it changed or impacted your life in anyway? Hugely! It opened my eyes to a whole other outlook on life, it gave me perspective on what is important and what I want out of life.

What has been the best thing about it? The best thing is definitely the memories and the people met along the way! Now I have more friends to go and visit in new places.

What has been your favourite moment or place? In Thailand I had a whole school of baby squid follow me and watch me for about an hour! That was pretty awesome. Burning Man was pretty amazing too. It’s hard to pin point just one favourite moment though, there are so many and they all have there own amazing parts.


How do you fund your travels?  Work, work, work. Usually 2 jobs at a time, in Canada I had 3! You get smart to stay ahead!


Will you/have you stopped? Definitely not! Not a chance.

Has it impacted your career? If I had one in the first place it may have, but it hasn’t stopped me pursuing what I want to do. If anything it has helped me realise what that is.


Where would you tell first time travellers to go? Depends on the person, Canada is a great safe place, with so much to see and is mostly English speaking, so I would maybe say there.

What advice would you give someone thinking about it? Don’t think, just do. The worst thing that could happen is you going home early.


Favourite travel app? I haven’t used any apps, just wing it!

Top photo tip? The scenery is prettier than your head!
Packing tip? Roll everything!


Where will you go next? I’m having a month away to Darwin and Broome and then 3 months away to the Philippines.