I have known Paul for about four years now. We met working at a summer camp in California and since then we have; taken a road trip across America, hiked in Canada, hit up the beach in Mexico and taken in Cuba together! He’s like a brother to me and I can’t imagine not knowing him! We’ve had some awesome journeys together, I’m always laughing with him (when I’m not wanting to punch him) We’ve got an awesome relationship where we tell each other like it is, and I value it an incredible amount! So check out his travel story.

Where are you currently?    Whistler, Canada

Where are you from? Scotland

Where have you been? Canada, 15 States of the USA, Mexico, Cuba, Spain and the UK.

Why did you start travelling? To explore different places and to push myself outside my comfort zone.
How has it changed or impacted your life in anyway? It has made me more independent and street wise. I feel like I can have a more level head when I get into sticky situations and sort out my own mess.

What has been the best thing about it? I have met some of the best people I could ever come across and real friends for life, and I guess I’ve seen some pretty amazing places along the way too.

What has been your favourite moment or place?

My favourite place that I’ve visited is Hawaii but my overall favourite place is Whistler, Where I currently live. My favourite moment has to be when I returned to Whistler after being away travelling for 4 months, I knew what awaited me and I couldn’t wipe the smile off of my face heading back there, definite feeling of ‘this is where I belong’.

How do you fund your travels? Good question! haha I have done more work in the summers in California where I have used that money to travel.

Will you/have you stopped? I haven’t travelled for the last 7 months but I intend a lot more trips over summer and over the next year.

Where would you tell first time travellers to go? I’d say travelling in the States or another English speaking country would be a good way to ease into travelling; I found it less daunting being in a more Westernized country for my first travel spot. Once you’ve done this, you’re bound to get hit with the travel bug and you can start planning more adventurous trips.

What advice would you give someone thinking about it? I’d say get yourself excited and wanting to do it; check out some traveller blogs/vlogs and see what others are doing and how much fun they’re having. Once you have the will to do it, start saving and thinking about that first trip. When you’re funds are ready, get the visa and book the flight and don’t look back!

Favourite travel app? Expedia. Have used this many times for cheap hotels and flights, and you can build up points which can help you get better deals and rewards. Another app that is understated is Google maps! Already on many smartphones, you’ll be able to pinpoint your travelling and see where you are going very easily.
Top photo tip? Take as many as possible!!

Packing tip? Make sure you check the climate you’re travelling to and pack appropriately. Don’t go too crazy with clothes, you can always do laundry and you’re bound to pick up new stuff along the way.
Any extra comments? Don’t think you can’t do it! You’ll thank yourself once you board that place and get explorin’!