Over the past three years I have met some pretty damn cool people. In a new blog series, I will be talking to these awesome vagabonds from all over, asking them about their travels. This month meet Aussie, Chloe.





I met Chloe working in America and I was lucky enough to show her around parts of England this Autumn. We actually lived in the same town of Whistler for two years and never met. Chloe is the perfect travel companion; easy-going but always up for exploring. She’s ready to listen when the life of a traveler is getting a bit much and get you back on route. But possibly one of my favourite things about this gem, is her optimism and enthusiasm for life! You know you’ll be laughing all the way, no matter where your journey might take you! She’s also pretty good at making sure you get to your destination.



Where are you currently?                  Bali, Indonesia

Where are you from?
Mandurah, Western Australia

Where have you been?
UK, France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Thailand, Canada, (31 of the) United States of America, Mexico, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Belize, and all over Australia!

Why did you start traveling?

My parents always encouraged me to. As a child growing up in the middle of Australia in the desert, we spent every school break exploring a new part of the country. We saw some truly incredible places and met the coolest people, it’s where my hunger for adventure really began.

How has it changed or impacted your life in anyway?
My favourite and best friends in the world (bar one or two) I’ve met on my travels. Which means a lot of social media to stay in touch, and also that I’m really good at quick calculations of the time differences between different parts of Australia, the UK, and west coast Canada/USA.


Travelling has made me more generous and accepting, cut my makeup use down to almost zero, opened my heart to strangers, and given me so much gratitude for the life I’ve been so fortunate to have.


What has been the best thing about it?
The people!


What has been your favourite place or moment?
It is way too hard to choose! But one that stands out for me happened while I was staying at Surfing Turtle

Lodge on Poneloya in Nicaragua. Some fellow travelers and I were sat on the beach around a fire, just star gazing, when a local poacher appeared out of the darkness and approached us. He had just collected 84 turtle eggs from a mother, quite literally as she layed them. Now, he could go sell these eggs at the market to be eaten, or we could buy them to stop that from happening. At above market price it was $20 USD for all of them, which we split between four of us. One of the lodge’s volunteers then took us into their turtle sanctuary. He hand dug a hole in the ground similar to the one mama turtle would have dug and we lovingly placed each egg one by one into it. We were all quiet, it was dark, and we just sat and filled the hole with turtle eggs. Once done, we filled in the dirt on top and all four of us kissed the sand with whispered “good luck” to our turtles. It was such a humbling experience and the best part was 45 days later I got sent a video of our baby turtles making their way out to sea!

How do you fund your travels?
I worked my butt off during my four years of uni, worked for a year and a half in Canada, and came home in early 2016 to work two jobs for two months.


Will you/have you stopped?
I took a “break” earlier this year to come home and work (and spend time with my mum) and I am back again for the Australia summer for a few weddings and to pick up some work where I can before I head off again.

Has it impacted your career?
Yes, it has helped me to find my passion! This year I spent my summer working at a children’s summer camp in California, and I can’t wait to build a ‘career’ around it!


Where have you worked while traveling?
I worked in a hotel as housekeeping supervisor, and then the same position again for a luxury vacation homes company. I’ve been a nanny for an amazing Canadian family, a substitute teacher, and a waitress turned restaurant manager. And most recently of course, I worked at a summer camp running the program for our 5-6 year old campers.

Where would you tell first time travellers to go?

Anywhere! It really doesn’t matter as long as you experience as much as you can, immerse yourself in the culture and talk to as many people as possible, whether they’re locals or fellow travelers.


What advice would you give someone thinking about it? 
Do it! In most cases, whatever it is keeping you at home – job, family, house, etc., is going to be there when you get back! If you can only do small trips, do small trips. Everyone travels differently. My parents now do one or two trips a year for a month or so at a time, whereas I would prefer to never stop!

Favourite travel apps?


Top photo tip?

I’m terrible at photos and never take enough! I’d say get photos with YOU in them! If you’re traveling alone, ask strangers to take your picture. Anytime you feel overwhelmed with any emotion, get the camera, even if you’re just laughing, or the people around you are. Capturing those moments is priceless.

Packing tip?
Roll your clothes! And minimise your cleansing/beauty routine, all those bottles of gunk take up way too much space and weight.

Last Words.
Say yes to every opportunity, keep an open mind, be kind to the earth and LOVE as fully and as often as possible!


Follow Chloe’s journey on instagram @chlokay