Yesterday I finally ticked another ‘must see’ off my list, Rainbow Beach. For us it was a two hour drive from Caloundra, but is a three hour drive from Brisbane. It was the perfect getaway and at the end of the day I didn’t want to leave. We took the highway on the way there, to try and make good time (I was a tad hungover from work drinks the night before!) We took a short detour to Tin Can Bay to have a little look. If you have the time it’s worth a visit, but there isn’t a lot there and Rainbow Beach definitely has a lot more to offer – although we didn’t really explore Tin Can Bay.



We arrived at around 10:30am when it was still high tide. We stayed on the first part of the beach for the morning, until the tide had gone out and we could get through to the rest of the beach. Rainbow beach is exactly how I imagined Australia to be before I got here; beautiful white sands, crashing waves and beautiful views. We spent the day just relaxing and swimming, me still nursing my hangover! After a few hours we went into the town to have a quick lunch. We stopped in at the Rainbow Beach Hotel for grub and it was really good. We had the ‘Greek Chicken Salad’ and it didn’t disappoint. Once we had eaten we got back on the beach and in the car, to explore some more.


I was lucky enough to be with someone who had a 4WD, but you can rent some from the town. I had never driven on a beach before and driving along the sand was an awesome experience. We drove to Double Island Point but got a bit lost on the way and ended up stopping for a swim. I loved how you could be driving along with no one else on the beach, like you were the only ones in the world. We arrived at Double Island Point and my friend went for a quick surf, the waves were pretty small, but he still had some fun.

It was getting pretty late by this point so we started making our journey back home, taking the sandy highway this time. Driving this way you will pass the Red Canyon, which is really cool to see. The canyon is great for exploring and transports you to the Australian desert, quite a juxtaposition from the surrounding white sandy beaches. It makes you feel like you are in a Western, weaving your way through the red coloured cliffs and crevices.

After our little adventure through the canyon, we set off heading for the barge to take us back over to Noosa and continue our trip home. If I could do it again, I would camp out on the beach, that would be truly amazing.

If you do take a 4WD onto the beach make sure you get a beach permit for the day and costs $11.75 for the day, you can get one HERE. If you drive the Sandy Highway then the barge will also cost you $7.