Today we took a trip close to Peregian beach, to find Emu Mountain. Near Coolum, this short hike is perfect for a leisurely walk in the hot sun. It took us about 15 minutes to get to the top, and it wasn’t a difficult walk at all.


Emu Mountain was named after the aboriginal word Peregian, which means emu. We drove to Havana Road. We actually ended up at Havana Road East, and we needed Havana Road West. Once we had managed to navigate our way to the right road (by the school) and parked the car, we set off on our mini hike.


There was no one else around, so we had the entire walk to ourselves. The path is pretty distinct and easy to walk up, so definitely a good option if you have older people, or young children with you too. It was insanely hot today, a bit overcast, but incredibly humid – needless to say we were sweating by the time we got to the top.


From the top of the mountain you have some pretty beautiful views over the ocean. We were told that sometimes you can see whale pods out in the ocean, but unfortunately we didn’t see any. October is apparently the best time to sight whales, so we were a little late.

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